Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CHA Product Pics

The Gypsy by Provo Craft. It is basically the Design Studion on the go. It has a stylus and is very light. You can upload all your cartridges to this machine via a cord - but once you load it on one Gypsy it cannot be loaded on to another. You can still use the cartridge with your machine. It comes preloaded with two cartridges. It is PC and MAC compatiable. I connects via a USB cord to your computer and you can save cut files from gypsy to computer and vice versa. You can also upload pictures and connect it directly to printer to print pictures. You no longer need your books because if you hit shit lock it gives you all options for the key (i.e. disney). Battery life is 4 hours continuous use. It will retail for about $299.00. Also 4 new cartridges, a kitchen one, paper dolls, wedding/love, and christmas/winter - with this one you can cut and make 3D houses - like a minature christmas village.

1 comment:

  1. Did you get a free one??? I was reading on the message board how people who attended the presentation got a coupon for a free one.

    Can't wait to buy this!

    Hope you have having fun!!!