Monday, January 26, 2009


Just like I promised we have arrived and experienced two days of new products and ideas that are fun and cute and I just can't wait to share. So Please bare with me as the pics from yesterday and today go up and please leave comments about anything you see. I will try to add more tomorrow but we may be busy placing orders........

This is the first "nice" day - we have had rain - still cool though.


OK. I am not usually a name dropper but when you get to see Heidi in action, take a picture with her AND get her autograph...... can't hep it!
I think you ladies can agree that this was a good chance as opposed to Paris Hilton - who yes was there - why you ask... but of course promoting her new craft and scrapbooking line!

She (Heidi) has a great new product called invisibles - keep an eye out because their invisible?


This by far is my favorite collection - this pictures are just a small sampling but I took a class using the boy collection and I am in love and have not kids!! Girls don't feel left out their girl collection is just as great - I will try to get pics of my projects and of the baby girl collection as well.... but wait their is more - this should be ready to ship in late February or early March.

Yet another release from my mylyb - they have several with release dates from February until June - s0 it keeps us on our toes and wanting more.....

Ok - so another big name, this guy -Tim Holtz - maybe you heard
about him, can't get a break
always a swarm around him!

Well Ladies, that is it for now but believe me I would be here all night if I tried to upload and talk about all the great stuff. So I will end for today because this time difference is still hard to get used to and I need to plan my attack for tomorrow and get some orders together. I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak and stay tuned and come in the store to see and hear about it all. I could not end without the cutest pic and layout ever - KITTENS!!

*don't forget to check out the website with the NEW February calendar and new store hours on Sunday (a test for Feb. only). So if you want us to keep them then stop by the store!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello Ladies,
Well the excitement is building as we head off to CHA - the biggest market place for retailers to shop for products to carry in their store. I will be posting pics and blogging of course from California so stay tuned.
As for now I wanted to post some pictures of some of the classes we have coming up in February and the final January class.
The first is the Family Album Class on January 31st from 3-5pm $30 (2 spots left)

This is the February Clipboard on February 24th @ 6-8pm $18 - this uses the long awaited Love Letter collection from My Little Yellow Bike

This is the Scrapbook Store Passport Club Layout on February 19 from 6-8 pm $12 - This also uses the Love Letter collection from My Little Yellow Bike.

This is the Valentines Treat Bags & Boxes Class on February 7 from 3-5 pm $15 - Great for those last minute gifts. Will include candies!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Here are some pics of the new valentine lines!

January & February Calendars

Hello Ladies,
I am pleased to inform you that the website is almost complete and should be up in a few days. The company that is hosting my website was having technical difficulties but the company setting up my website is publishing it "live" as I write! We have completed our calendars for January and February and will go ahead and post them here while we wait in the next couple hours for it to become live!!!! Please feel free to call if you have any questions regarding the classes and or crops. Please note the change in our Friday dinner crops. I am also going to include some pics of our new arrivals - My Little Yellow Bike - Love Letters collection and our of upcoming classes. Enjoy - sylvia

January 2009
17th - 3pm - 5pm: January Clipboard $18
23rd - 27th- At CHA check blog for pics of new products, ideas, etc...
30th - 6pm - 12am: Friday Night Crop $12
31st - 3pm - 5pm: Family Album $30
31st - 6pm - 12am: Saturday Night Crop $8

February 2009
3rd - 6pm - 7:30pm: Cruisin' Card Club (Valentine theme) $18
6th - 6pm - 12am : Friday Night Cupcake Crop $10
7th - 11am - 12:30pm: How to Start Scrapbooking $10
7th - 3pm - 5pm: Valentines Treat Bags & Boxes $15
7th - 6pm - 12 am: Saturday Night Crop $8
9th - 6pm - 9pm: Sweetheart 8X8 Album $30
11th - 6 pm- 8pm: Chocolate Lovers Cookbook - Part II $28
13th - 6pm - 12 am: Friday Night Dinner Crop $14
14th - 3pm - 5 pm: Snapshots Mini Album $15
14th - 6pm - 12am: Sex In The City Adult Crop $14 (Adult crop for those us without a Valentine)
18th - 6:30pm - 8pm: How to Start Scrapbooking $10
19th - 6pm - 8pm: Scrapbook Store Passport Club $12
20th - 6pm - 8 pm: Friday Night Cupcake Crop $10
21st - 10am - 12am: Power Crop $30
24th - 6pm - 8pm: February Clipboard $18
27th - 6pm - 12am: Friday Night Crop $14
28th - 11am - 12 am: Delightfully Digital $30
28th - 6pm - 12 am: Saturday Night Crop $8

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh My Blog - Is back!

Hello fellow scrappers! As you know we have been working to get both the website and my blog working! Well the good news is that I have changed my blog so that I can access it from almost everywhere and keep you guys up to date. My website will be up this week. I should get the final layout tomorrow. Yea! This has been a long time coming and can't wait. 

As you may have heard CHA is right around the corner. What is CHA? It is the Craft and Hobby Association  Trade Show that allows all of us retailers to go shopping for the store!!! FUN! I can't wait - it is in Anaheim, CA. I will keep you update with blogs and most importantly pics!!! Just an FYI - July is the next trade show in Orlando, FL and will have a consumer show! This is a first so we are not even sure how it works - so pack up the kids and the husband sent them off to Sea World and you can go shopping!

So let me know how you like the new blog and lets keep in touch. Syl