Thursday, January 15, 2009

January & February Calendars

Hello Ladies,
I am pleased to inform you that the website is almost complete and should be up in a few days. The company that is hosting my website was having technical difficulties but the company setting up my website is publishing it "live" as I write! We have completed our calendars for January and February and will go ahead and post them here while we wait in the next couple hours for it to become live!!!! Please feel free to call if you have any questions regarding the classes and or crops. Please note the change in our Friday dinner crops. I am also going to include some pics of our new arrivals - My Little Yellow Bike - Love Letters collection and our of upcoming classes. Enjoy - sylvia

January 2009
17th - 3pm - 5pm: January Clipboard $18
23rd - 27th- At CHA check blog for pics of new products, ideas, etc...
30th - 6pm - 12am: Friday Night Crop $12
31st - 3pm - 5pm: Family Album $30
31st - 6pm - 12am: Saturday Night Crop $8

February 2009
3rd - 6pm - 7:30pm: Cruisin' Card Club (Valentine theme) $18
6th - 6pm - 12am : Friday Night Cupcake Crop $10
7th - 11am - 12:30pm: How to Start Scrapbooking $10
7th - 3pm - 5pm: Valentines Treat Bags & Boxes $15
7th - 6pm - 12 am: Saturday Night Crop $8
9th - 6pm - 9pm: Sweetheart 8X8 Album $30
11th - 6 pm- 8pm: Chocolate Lovers Cookbook - Part II $28
13th - 6pm - 12 am: Friday Night Dinner Crop $14
14th - 3pm - 5 pm: Snapshots Mini Album $15
14th - 6pm - 12am: Sex In The City Adult Crop $14 (Adult crop for those us without a Valentine)
18th - 6:30pm - 8pm: How to Start Scrapbooking $10
19th - 6pm - 8pm: Scrapbook Store Passport Club $12
20th - 6pm - 8 pm: Friday Night Cupcake Crop $10
21st - 10am - 12am: Power Crop $30
24th - 6pm - 8pm: February Clipboard $18
27th - 6pm - 12am: Friday Night Crop $14
28th - 11am - 12 am: Delightfully Digital $30
28th - 6pm - 12 am: Saturday Night Crop $8


  1. I am new to the area. From the pictures I have seen your shop looks just like the shop I had back home. Just wanted to say that I think I'll be stopping by your shop real soon. :)

  2. I am excited to see your website and blog! I watched the store get ready before opening and have sadly not been by with holidays and all. The blog has spurred me into action!! I cannot make it this month to the card class-- I hope you will have enough interest to offer it an alternate day--(maybe a morning). If you are always going to have the class on the 1st Tuesday of the month I could just get the night off from work. Enough about me-- I am so excited you all have opened!! See you soon!

  3. Sylvi,
    Congratulations on your opening and filling the needs of those who did not have a central location to go scrapbooking. Your store has been the most welcoming I have visited. The manners of you and your staff are outstanding. That and the merchandise you offer, above all, is what keeps me going back.

    To those of you reading this and who have not been there, all I can say is GO! One thing I more I want to add to those of you who have not been: The Scrapbook Store is just beginning. It's got a lot of growing to do, but I'm AMAZED at the quality of items they carry and the scraproom is so big you don't rub elbows with your neighbor giving both plenty of room to spread out.

    Enjoy when you go and feel free/comfortable to browse!

    Sylvi, thanks. I really enjoy visiting and scrapbooking at your new store.

    A Friend